AutoFormplus R6 contains significant improvements for the compensation of tool surfaces based on AutoForm springback simulation results. AutoForm-Compensatorplus R6 provides much more flexibility and more transparency for defining compensation strategies, while making the actual compensation process much easier to handle in the software. AutoFormplus R6 users will find it much easier to define and set up complex compensation strategies and to keep track of compensation iterations. To maximize the value of the new AutoForm compensation concept, and to keep up with our latest technological developments, we strongly recommend that every compensation user of AutoFormplus R5 participate in the Update Training “Introduction to AutoForm-Compensatorplus R6”. The following main features will be covered in detail: New compensation concept - Practicing more flexible compensation strategy - Getting to know the improved data handling over iterations and - The improved check of compensated tool geometry Apply the same compensation on several geometries Easy handling when changing compensation regions Products AutoForm-ProcessExplorerplus AutoForm-Compensatorplus Audience Prerequisite for participation: Update Training AutoFormplus R6 – Process Engineering Experienced AutoFormplus R5 compensation user


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