AutoForm Plus R6.0.1.4 Update


AutoForm Plus R6.0.1.4 Update AutoFormplus R6.0.1 is the first released patch version of AutoFormplus R6 and is available for download on our website from November 23, 2015. With the AutoFormplus R6.0.1 patch several significant bugs in AutoFormplus Stand-alone products, AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA , AutoForm-QuickLinkforNX and AutoForm-OneStepforCATIA have been fixed. There are no changes in AutoForm-QuickLinkforCATIA . NOTE: There are no changes in AutoForm-Solverplus R6.0.1 which might lead to different simulation results compared to AutoForm-Solverplus R6! For more detailed information, please refer to section 3 Release Content. The compatibility of data files between AutoFormplus R6 and AutoFormplus R6.0.1 is bi-directional, meaning that data files created with AutoFormplus R6.0.1 can be processed in AutoFormplus R6 and vice versa. New Features General “Read-Only” mode This new modus allows to only read afd files but not to overwrite or even to save them. Two different options with two different levels of limitation exist: 1. Administrator sets the variable ReadOnlyMode in systemConfigFile.xml (MiscellaneousConfiguration) to true. No saving at all is possible. 2. User opens an afd file with Open Read-Only. Save as… is possible. QuickLink Share thru QuickLink exports Hemming Roller Parameters Parameters of Hemming Rollers used on Die Face stage are now exported with Share thru QuickLink. Modified Features AutoFormplus R6.0.1 – Standalone (User Interface and Solver) contains no Modified Features. Fixed Bugs General R5.X and R6 running in parallel R5.X and R6 were sometimes not running at the same time when wrong order of network cards disabled license access. Loading R5.X Standard File in R6 Loading R5.X Standard file in R6 Standard Editor causes non visible entries in column Std / Def /Lck. 6 Release Notes Formcheck result variables in Dynamic Section Formcheck result variables were not visible in Dynamic Section. InputOnlyFileEnab led & UTF8 coding When using UTF8 coding (e.g. Ü, é, 怆…) in combination with the option InputOnlyFileEnabled (see systemConfigFile.xml) solver stopped with an error message. STL File Import & UTF8 coding STL files could not be imported (Part stage) if the file name or the folder name contained UTF8 coding (e.g. Japanese characters). Loading big files with “automatic loading of Evaluation Standard” Loading big Sigma file (e.g. 18 Gb) with the preference Automatically loaded Evaluation Standard by Open Design caused performance problems. “Rigid Body Transformation of Sheet” for Export Sheet Transformations defined on Process stage with Rigid Body Transformation of Sheet were wrongly considered for Export Sheet. Remote Computing Supports Press Velocity Profiles Remote computing did not support press velocity profiles. Part Stage Import IGES Files IGES files (with specific IGES entities) caused crash and software hang-up. Material Type “Rolled” for second or following Material Zone stopped Solver When second or following Material Zone was defined as Rolled thickness was set to 0 and the solver stopped. Hotforming Material Zone “Constant Patch” cannot be


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