AutoForm Plus R5.2.4 HotFix Win64.Linux64


AutoFormplus R5.2.4 is the fourth released patch version of AutoFormplus R5.2 and is available for download on our website from February 27, 2015. With the AutoFormplus R5.2.4 patch a bug in AutoForm-Solverplus has been fixed which occurs only when using Constant Line Beads in combination with Gap Controlled tools. Other AutoFormplus Stand-alone products are not affected. There are also no changes in AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA, AutoForm- QuickLinkforCATIA and AutoForm-QuickLinkforNX. For more detailed information, please refer to section 3 Release Content. The compatibility of data files between AutoFormplus R5.2 and AutoFormplus R5.2.4 is bidirectional, meaning that data files created with AutoFormplus R5.2.4 can be processed in AutoFormplus R5.2 and vice versa. Fixed Bugs Solver Reduction of Constant Line Bead Force Factors with Gap Controlled Binder When using a drawbead of the type Constant Line Bead positioned between a tool set including one tool with Support Type Gap Controlled, e.g. Die and gap controlled Binder, the restraining and uplifting forces were dependent on the gap height: the bigger the gap the lower the drawbead forces are. With this bug fix the dependency of the Force Factors of a Constant Line Bead on a tool set with the Support Type Gap Controlled is disabled. CATIA-Embedded Products AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA and AutoForm-QuickLinkforCATIA contain no changes.


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