AutoForm R3 Plus v4.5


AutoFormplus R3 is the third major release of the new product line AutoFormplus. This release excels at a new level of accuracy and speed. For the effective usage of AutoFormplus R3 we recommend that you attend our one-day Update Training. The training will allow the user to study the new usage concept with predefined control parameter settings for different stages in the engineering workflow, which significantly increases the efficiency. In particular, the new features of AutoFormplus R3 will support you in systematically preventing springback. Furthermore, we will provide in-depth information regarding the determination of forming forces by including a dedicated training topic to satisfy numerous support requests. The following main topics will be covered in detail: The new accuracy concept and the enhanced performance - Recommended control parameter settings - Improved Bending Enhanced Membrane formulation - Parallel SMP solver New and revised features for springback analysis - Constrained springback - Analysis of springback behavior by partial annealing Gravity simulation between process steps Evaluation of surface defects Simulation and analysis of hot forming and quenching processes Evaluation of forming forces for drawing and secondary forming processes Audience This training introduces the new functions of AutoFormplus R3 and is intended for skilled users with a good knowledge of AutoFormplus R2.


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