AutoForm Plus R4.0.1


AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has unveiled its latest software version AutoFormplus R4. This release is the result of AutoForm’s largest software development endeavor ever. AutoFormplus R4 development was driven by the vision of a Comprehensive Digital Process Planning system. It allows users to quantify and evaluate all planning aspects of stamped sheet metal parts, such as function, quality, lead time and cost. The completely new and ergonomically designed AutoFormplus User Interface integrates these aspects and allows users to reach a new level of competitiveness. AutoFormplus R4 is the fourth major release of the new product line AutoFormplus. The brand new state-of-the-art user interface released with AutoFormplus R4 has a completely new look and feel. It was built from the ground up in order to provide better support for user ergonomics, increase productivity and support Comprehensive Digital Process Planning. The AutoFormplus User Interface is a fully native Windows application. By supporting this industry standard operating system, AutoForm enables customers to increase their productivity, work in their standard IT environment and decrease their administrative overhead. This version offers complete step-by-step functionalities in order to ensure a consistent and repeatable workflow throughout the entire stamping process chain. AutoForm-Incrementalplus incorporates highly advanced technology to address the challenges of today’s quickly changing and increasingly competitive market place. It demands a variety of innovative and high quality stamping products while at the same time, cost reduction and ever shorter delivery times are imperative. AutoForm-Incrementalplus is specialized for the rapid and accurate simulation and validation of the complete stamping process. All of the Top 20 automotive OEMs and most of their suppliers have selected AutoForm-Incrementalplus as their software of choice. AutoForm r4-Incrementalplus rapidly and accurately simulates and validates all operations in the sheet metal stamping process: drawing, restriking, trimming, flanging, springback and hemming. The latest technological achievements combined in AutoForm-Incrementalplus enable users to address complex issues that arise in practice and to achieve a new level of competitiveness. AutoForm-Incrementalplus brings innovative features and benefits: Precise tryout simulation of deep drawing, restriking, trimming, flanging and hemming operations Comprehensive results including formability, surface quality and springback Final validation of tool and process design before tool manufacturing Rapid verification of multiple new concepts for quality and cost improvements Most accurate tryout results with fastest turnaround time The state-of-the-art technology which is used across a broad spectrum of applications has made AutoForm-Incrementalplus the most highly recognized and widely used software in the automotive industry. Fields of Applications:


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