ESPRIT 2009 by DP Technology at BIMU 2008, Milan, Italy, Oct. 3-7 (24-Sep-2008) DP Technology, a leading innovator in the field of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), will exhibit its latest software release, ESPRIT® 2009, Oct. 3-7, when BIMU 2008 — one of the world’s largest showcases for machine tools, automation robots and auxiliary products — takes place in Milan, Italy. In addition to the latest in CNC machines, tools and accessories, this 26th edition of BIMU /SFORTEC, to be hosted at the Milan Exhibition Centre, includes new offerings for components and structural processing, as well as varied solutions and special events. One-on-one demonstrations, presentations and staff from DP Technology will be made available to those who visit the ESPRIT display at booth M51, in Hall 11, where new features available within the latest generation of ESPRIT will be displayed. The latest version of the ESPRIT software is the result of a balanced effort focusing on both the shorter terms needs of its existing customers and the longer term direction of the metal-working community. A significant number of new, innovative technologies in the areas of 3- and 5-axis milling, feature recognition and user interface are being introduced with this new version, as well as a long list of productivity enhancing features for milling, turning and wire EDM part programming. ESPRIT 2009 is designed to run on both the Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista operating systems. Twenty-two new 5-axis machining strategies have been added to the existing 5-axis functionalities of both ESPRIT SolidMill and SolidMillTurn FreeForm®. These new simultaneous 5-axis machining cycles are available for both milling and mill-turn machines, translating to even greater machining flexibility and improved cycle times. The full performance of these machining cycles is realized when they are run on multi-core computers, which results in an up to 145 percent performance increase for each core added (1 to 2, 2 to 4, etc.). The new patent-pending FreeForm 5-axis composite machining cycle débuting in ESPRIT 2009 allows the user to independently define the machining pattern and the tool orientation strategy to be used when creating the simultaneous 5-axis tool path and includes 20 different machining strategies (cycles) in one, resulting in a wide range of easily manageable possibilities. The new ESPRIT composite machining cycle gives the user the ability to perform simultaneous 5-axis machining for a wide variety of different parts and industries, including aerospace, medical, and automotive, through one simple user interface. Five-axis swarf milling, 5-axis contour milling and 3-axis z-level undercut machining round out the list of new machining cycles available for FreeForm machining in this new software release. By using these new multi-axis machining cycles, customers can gain flexibility by running their parts on either traditional mills or on the more advanced mill-turn machines while gaining productivity by reducing the number of setups required to completely machine their parts.


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