TruTops v2.1.1.4


TruTops v2.1.1.4 ser-friendly and efficient Punching technology excels because of its variety of processing options. Combined with laser cutting, the variety becomes even greater. TruTops Punch helps you use all of these options. Programming is supported by automatic processes and assistants and with the easy to understand interface, creating complex programs is simple. Economical and reliable Minimal scrap is created, saving you money. By using sample parts you can test the process quality prior to processing the entire sheet. Productive TRUMPF software always has the answer, even in complex processing. The technical information in TruTops Punch is updated regularly ensuring the shortest travel paths are selected without jeopardizing process reliability. Automated loading and unloading can also be programmed in TruTops Punch. Compatibility Existing production drawings can easily be transferred from your CAD system to TruTops Punch using the standard interfaces. New production drawings can be easily created in the integrated TruTops CAD module. For unusual geometries, numerous CAD functions and macros are available. Every drawing is analyzed by TruTops Punch and all errors are corrected. Economical and process-reliable TruTops Laser nests the parts to be cut for ideal sheet utilization. The program even uses inner part surfaces where possible. Since TruTops Laser knows how TruLaser machines function, material utilization is exceptional and work processes are reliable. High quality cutting Work processes generated by TruTops Laser are unmatched in speed and quality. The software automatically adapts parameters to produce perfect cuts. The laser output is adjusted to each task and used as efficiently as possible.


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