Trumpf Trutops Laser 6.1


TruTops Mark software The TruTops Mark marking software makes TruMark laser technology easy to manage and use. It is based on Windows and is available in multiple languages. The TruTops Mark program combines marking software, CAD editor, administration of laser parameters and interfaces, process programming with QuickFlow, simple "Marking on the Fly" and a mature diagnostic tool. With a single intuitively-operated user interface, you have all the functions of the TruMark marking software in hand. You operate the software using the same user interface as the laser system as a whole. Using elementary process flow programs, you can program simple sequences and store them to a workpiece file. You can then use those programs for repeating tasks. CAD editor The CAD editor offers you all the functions for drawing and arranging of graphical objects common to all full-scale CAD programs. The integrated converter can import the data formats DXF/DWG, HPGL and IGES, as well as pixel formats BMP, TIF, JPG and PCX. That means you can integrate graphics and logos simply and in detail. You can create text in seconds with laser-optimized standard fonts or converted TrueType fonts from Windows. The creation of barcodes and data matrix codes is just as easy. Variable data like customer information, the time, date or sequential serial numbers can be integrated automatically or through interfaces. Laser parameter administration In laser parameter administration, all the existing laser parameters are summarized in a separate dialog, divided by topics and presented in a clear manner. A database for laser parameters allows you to reuse parameters which have been optimized for a certain material. The visual presentation of pulse overlap based on the main laser parameters of deflection speed and pulse frequency, helps to optimize your inscriptions. Navigator An easy-to-use menu helps you choose from the materials metal, plastic and ceramic first, and the process you want - for example deep engraving - in a second step. Finally you tell the Navigator to draw a line or an area. This information is enough for the Navigator to calculate different parameter sets that match your inquiry. The CAD-Editor generates a matrix that can be scaled up and down, as well as expanded or reduced. By this, you can adjust the matrix dimensions to the size of your work piece. After the laser marked the slightly different test fields onto the product, you can compare and choose the best result. Finally you just have to import the best field's parameter set by a simple mouse click into your own marking file. By having the Navigator, even laser rookies are able for find laser parameters for a good marking result. Interfaces Using the integrated interface, you can integrate variable fabrication data online into a predefined marking file. For the control integration of the marking laser into existing fabrication installations, TruTops Mark offers you a variety of possibilities. A COM in-process server models an interface to software you develop yourself. Programming With the QuickFlow process flow program software, you can use simple "pick and drop" to control the entire marking cycle from start to finish. If needed, data exchange with external systems is possible; for instance, in order to react to different measured values with variable labels. For QuickFlow, you don't need to learn any programming language. Different QuickFlow programs have already been created; for instance, to integrate various cameras in "Through the Lens" applications. Marking on the Fly Marking on the Fly Within continuous fabrication processes, you need to be able to mark workpieces without stopping the conveyor belt. The "Marking on the Fly" option superimposes the movement of the work piece onto the movement of the laser beam, so that the marking is undistorted. The speed in the transport direction is continually measured with an encoder signal - so even with start-and-stop processes, you can obtain consistent marking results. With your permission our service experts can log into your TruMark remotely and give help. Diagnostic tool The diagnostic tool visualizes and analyzes the analog measurement values recorded by its sensors. It shows a complete list of monitoring and error messages, current status information and the operating values of the laser system on the fly. That lets you find the causes of errors quickly and accurately, and you can correct the cause. If necessary, our service experts can even log into your TruMark remotely anywhere in the world with your permission, then read values and optimize them. This keeps downtime to a minimum.


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