ESI_Visual_Environment_10.7_Win64 Visual-Environment Visual-Environment, the single integrated environment for all your CAE needs Visual-Environment is a single integrated user environment that caters to the engineering simulation needs across major industries. It includes a comprehensive modeling tool to generate quality meshes on complex geometries for various engineering domains ranging from Crash and Passenger Safety to NVH, Welding & Assembly, Casting, Electromagnetics, CFD & Multiphysics, and more... Visual-Environment's interactive post-processing module caters to the requirements of the CAE community through its multi-page / multi-plot environment. In addition, Visual-Environment's software development toolkit (SDK), allows you to customize and extend this open architecture through process templates and macros. Visual-Environment incorporates the finest engineering knowledge & best practices with a process-oriented approach suited to the needs of a shop-floor user or a software savvy user alike. Together with VisualDSS, ESI's Decision Support System, CAE Managers & Engineers can reap the following benefits with Visual-Environment: Simulate complete workflows for a variety of physics within a single integrated environment; Reduce cost and time by eliminating tedious data exchange by relying on a single core compute model; Boost individual productivity with task automation; Shorten time per design iteration thanks to process automation; Improve product quality through a framework that enables concurrent engineering; Customize enterprise solutions with minimal effort. Visual-Mesh, Visual-Viewer and Visual-Process Executive are common modules, usually available as a part of all the solutions in Visual-Environment. The software development toolkit, Visual-SDK, is available on demand.


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