ESI.ProCAST.2016.1.Suite Content of Suite: 1. Visual-Environment 12.5.1 Linux64 (including VisualCAST as defaut pre- postprocessor for ProCAST 2016.1) 2. ProCAST 2016.1 Linux64 3. QuikCAST 2016.0.2 Linux64 4. PAM-OPT 2016.0 Linux64 for ProCAST and QuikCAST ESI has developed a set of casting simulation software applications for the foundry industry to improve casting yield and quality: QuikCAST - a fast and efficient solution for process evaluation - and ProCAST - an advanced tool which is the result of more than 25 years of collaboration with major industrial partners and academic institutions around the world. QuikCAST is sophisticated sand and die casting simulation software that focuses on the basics of any casting process: filling, casting solidification and porosity prediction. ProCAST, based on Finite Element technology, in addition to the basics is able to predict deformations and residual stresses and can also address more specific processes like investment casting, semi-solid modeling, core blowing, centrifugal casting, lost foam, and the continuous casting process. Useful for all castable alloys, the metal casting simulation software helps to address defect detection, residual stresses, part distortion, microstructure and mechanical properties prediction.


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