The ESI Group team is pleased to announce the availability of ESI NOVA 2018.0, is an advanced software used to design and optimize the acoustic properties of a multi-layer material alone or attached to a structure under various types of excitations. NOVA can be used to optimize the acoustic absorption and transmission loss of complex sound treatments in a very short time thanks to its user friendly interface and extremely fast computing time.

About ESI NOVA. NOVA software is a very powerful tool that will help you design and optimize the acoustic properties of a multilayer material without having to spend too much time on long and expensive testing.

NOVA software allows you to optimize the acoustic absorption and transmission loss of several materials configurations in a very short time because of its user-friendly interface and extremely fast computing time. Features:

- Nova includes two modules:
. Mid and high frequency modules based on transfer matrix method with correction for finite size effects.
. Low frequency module based on FEM/BEM provides the most advanced models for porous materials (rigid, limp, felts, elastic, screens, and perforated panels).
- Allows unlimited combination of material layers including elastic, visco-elastic foam, fiber, felt, screen, septum, solid, perforated plates and fluid to simulate real-life acoustic problems.
- Accounts for orthotropic, sandwich and composite panels.
- Allows for frequency dependent properties.
- Includes automatic detection and coupling of domains (elastic and fluid).
- Studies the effects of different boundary conditions and various types of excitations (plane waves, diffuse acoustic field, mechanical, pistons, point source, turbulent boundry layer, etc.).
- Includes extensive materials database.
- Includes scripts to calculate SEA input parameters: modal density, loss factor, radiation efficiency, wave numbers, etc.
- Includes a script that allows the study of heterogeneous materials by the Parallel Transfer Matrix method (PTMM).
- Includes micro-macro (bottom-up) scripts for foams and fibers.
- Accounts for finite size effects in the high frequency module.
- Allows simulation of impedance and bazooka tests, transmission loss tests and random incidence absorption tests.
- Analyzes narrowband and 1/3 octave band.
- Computes a large number of parameters: absorption and reflection coefficient, surface impedance, transmission loss, dissipated powers, equivalent damping loss factor, space averaged velocity and pressure response, insertion loss, radiation efficiency, etc.


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