TCFD® is focused and unlimited CFD software.
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    Radial Pump DrivAer Car Model Axial Fan Francis Turbine Radial Fan Axial Pump Axial Compressor Valve Axial Turbine Radial Turbine Kaplan Turbine Manifold Ship Hull Propeller Spitfire Wind Turbine Radial Compressor Hydraulic Valve Double Rotor Fan

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TCFD Francis Turbine Graphical Interface GUI example

CFD SUPPORT introduces the new generation of CFD simulations. TCFD® brings an extreme increase of productivity to CFD simulations. TCFD® successfully merged benefits of both open-source and commercial codes. Due to open-source nature, TCFD® is perpetual, unlimited users, jobs, and cores, customizable. Due to commercial code nature, TCFD® is professionally supported, well tested, ready for the industry, robust, accurate, automated, has GUI, has documentation and many more. Because TCFD® is unlimited, it fits very well with demanding simulations like optimization, transient or aeroacoustics.



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