PRG Paulin 2018


PRG Paulin 2018
PRG-2018 New Version Release of both NozzlePRO and FEPipe. PAULIN Research Group is pleased to announce the release of FEPipe version 10.0 and NozzlePRO version 12.0

- Support for ASME VIII-2 Part 5 Nonlinear Analysis Features (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
- New Drawing Tools (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
- Interactive Output Processing – MiMOut (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
- Fitness for Service (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
- BOS B31 – New SMS Module (FEPipe)
- Point Cloud Scanning Software – New SMS Module (FEPipe)


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