FunctionBay.RecurDyn.v9R1.SP1.1 FunctionBay is pleased to announce the new release of RecurDyn V9R1, a leading Flexible Multi-Body Dynamics Software. This release include enhanced modeling and contact for MBD (Multi-Body Dynamics) analysis, mesher engine upgrades for easier and more accurate MFBD (Multi Flexible Body Dynamics) analysis, and newly added toolkits for Multi-disciplinary analysis solution implemented in one environment maximize user’s design performance. What’s New in RecurDyn V9R1: - Multi-Disciplinary Engine system analysis with fluid lubrication Input signal generation with experimental results Easy and fast analysis with virtual test model Co-simulation between RecurDyn and EDEM - UI Convenience Reduced work time and improved work efficiency Frequently used parameters as initial values can be saved Visual comparative analysis of analysis result changes by parameter changes Quick and easy identification of desired entities by applying database filters - MBD (Multi-Body Dynamics) Various improvements on geometry modeling Dynamics analysis efficiency Improvements by OnOff Joint Improved contact analysis convenience - MFBD (Multi Flexible Body Dynamics) Mesher engine upgrade, powerful mesh feature added Easy creation of precise and improved quality meshes Various enhancements related to FFlex modeling


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