FunctionBay RecurDyn V8R5 SP1.2 Update


FunctionBay RecurDyn V8R5 SP1.2 Update You are here: Home / CAE Software / RecurDyn Professional Print Email RecurDyn Professional the CAE Software product RecurDyn/Professional consists of three modules as the prior basic platform: Modeler, Solver, ProcessNet RecurDyn/Professional can test various conditions which are difficult to repeat. Also, it can find problems by thetheoretical background to the defect of product and can solve it. RecurDyn/Modeler is a pre-processor to create an analysis model. The user can easily use it because of developing by the familiar user interface (UI) for the Windows user. Also, the user can begin to create a model using RecurDyn/Modeler by basic elements such as bodies, joints, forces, and contacts. If the user has the existed CAD file, the user can import files such as the Parasolid format, the STEP format, the IGES format, the ACIS format, and the CATIA format. Also, the extension of CAD interface is excellent because of using Parasolid Kernel. Creating equipment models, Defining equipment elements, showing the animation of calculation result or Marking the plot of calculation result. Interface with general CAD Software Tools - Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b, .xmt_txt, .xmt_bin) - STEP (.step, .stp) (Paid option) - ACIS (.sat) (Paid option) - IGES (.igs) (Paid option) RecurDyn Solver RecurDyn/Solver performs the more fast analysis by the optimized integrator after constructing the equation of motion to perform the analysis of multi flexible body dynamics which is to mix multi bodies with flexible bodies. Also, RecurDyn performs many more analyses in the short time because the solution of RecurDyn is faster than another MBD solution. And it provides the solver which can solve flexible bodies and can perform the control of system and the optimization of system. So, the user can concentrate not only performing the analysis of system but also designing to improve the product performance. Therefore, the user can improve the productivity because of concentrating to develop products. RecurDyn/solver is more efficient to the problems of complex contact and the problems of fast velocity because of not only more fast but also more stable. - Pre Analysis - Static Analysis - Dynamic Analysis - Using the recursive formula by the relative coordinate - DASSL / Implicit G-Alpha /Track G-Alpha integrators RecurDyn ProcessNet RecurDyn/ProcessNet is a macro function of RecurDyn. Although the general macro concept is the automation of repeated works, RecurDyn/ProcessNet is similar to API (Application Programming Interface) because of automatically creating the desired functions and models in RecurDyn and providing the function which is connected with different programs such as Excel, etc. Also, although the user should learn each language grammar in the macro of different programs, the user who is familiar to C, C++, C#, Visual Basic Application (VBA) can directly use it in the work because RecurDyn/ProcessNet is used in the Visual Studio environment and the language grammar of VB.Net. Functions of RecurDyn/ProcessNet are applied in the pre-processor and the post-processor and the user can automatize models from the automation of creation to the writing the analysis report with the user's purpose by it.


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