FEMFAT (Finite Element Method Fatigue) is the number one engineering software tool for fatigue life prediction. It is used to improve reliability and robustness of components in automotive and machinery industry.

FEMFAT is a tool designed to identify critical locations and supports the light weight optimization process at an early development stage, way before time- and cost-consuming tests will be performed. This results in high confident level to release prototypes, therefore less development loops and costly hardware tests.

Continuously developed over the last 20 years, FEMFAT provides reliable results to release virtual prototypes in an early development stage. FEMFAT is widely used in the automotive and non-automotive industry and trusted to be the number one tool for CAE.
The binding link between test track, laboratory and CAE is FEMFAT LAB. It supports development engineers with respect to load data management, including analysis, data processing and generation of load spectra. FEMFAT LAB is a powerful software solution to visualize, analyze and process large amounts of load data. FEMFAT LAB analyzes time histories of millions of data points and hundreds of channels within seconds.

Anomalies such as drift, mean shift and spikes can be removed either automatically or manually. Time can be saved using the FEMFAT LAB project functionality, because the same operations can be carried out automatically for several files without any user input.


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