Dlubal SHAPE-MASSIVE v6.66.01


Dlubal SHAPE-MASSIVE v6.66.01

SHAPE-MASSIVE provides the option of interface with RFEM and RSTAB: SHAPE‑MASSIVE cross‑sections are available in the library of the FEA or frame analysis software, and vice versa, it is possible to import and design the internal forces from RFEM and RSTAB in SHAPE‑MASSIVE.

The structural data can be entered graphically, in tables, or by means of a DXF file.

  1. Features 

    • Cross-section modeling using surfaces, openings, and point areas (reinforcements) limited by polygons
    • Automatic or individual arrangement of stress points
    • Extendable library of concrete, steel and reinforcing steel materials
    • Cross-section properties of reinforced concrete and composite cross-sections
    • Stress analysis with yield hypothesis according to von Mises and Tresca
    • Reinforced concrete design according to
      •  EN 1992-1-1:2004
      •  DIN 1045-1:2008-08
      •  DIN 1045:1988-07
      •  ÖNORM B 4700: 2001-06-0



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