BETA CAE Systems 19.1.0 X64

ANSA + Meta Post + CAD Translator

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the new ANSA/EPILYSIS/META suite 18.9.0. The new release goes long beyond customers’ demands, by implementing a plethora of new tools and features, while continuously augmenting software quality and performance.

Virtual Reality, already introduced in prior versions, is proven to be the absolute boost to the intercontinental co-operation in the CAE community. Today, META 19.0.0 comes up with new features in this field, such as the audio support, expanding, in this way, web collaboration capabilities towards a more progressive level.

Definitely, modularization in product development is an approach that brought significant benefits in all stages, from design to production, and even further to maintenance. ANSA 19.0.0 augments Modular Assembly potential, introducing the notion of the Connecting Subsystems, facilitating assembling strategies even more.

Besides, addressing the need of an efficient model management in NVH analysis, coupled with the reduced representation concept, definitely a prerequisite in this field, the new functionality of modular model build based on reduced representations is introduced for the creation and management of reduced representations of subsystems, directly through Model Browser. In this way, bottlenecks, such as the modal model components handling, and constraints, such as the interaction with full FE components, are successfully addressed.

From concept design to final testing, model optimization has been a necessity that undergoes any typical CAE workflow process. The set-up, run and inspection of DOE real-time results has never been more effortless with the brand new Optimization tool, automating tasks, significantly accelerating the simulation process and minimizing cost and time to market.

Closing, apart from the outstanding performance enhancements in EPILYSIS and RETOMO, these two software products have stimulated their supported capabilities and features, impressively accelerating the solution build-up workflow. SOL200 Multidisciplinary Optimization, SOL110 Modal Complex Eigenvalue Analysis, as well as Superelement Analysis are some of the implementations that stand out in EPILYSIS, whereas the introduction of Manual Editing tools in RETOMO undoubtedly elevates the whole process, since the Automatic Segmentation result can be manually edited, incrementing in this way accuracy and upgrading the final result.


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