BETA-CAE Systems v18.1.3


BETA-CAE Systems v18.1.3

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the version 18.1.1 of its software suite with new tools and capabilities to further augment functionality and facilitate CAE processes.

BETA CAE Systems 18.1.1 Release Notes:

Enhancements in ANSA
- General
Nodes participating in the Explode View are now marked with a circle and are enclosed in a transparent sphere.
Reference Sets are now supported in ANSA, offering the ability to filter data according to Reference Sets existing in *.jt model files.
- Shell Mesh
Improve: After reconstructing, a new function "Remapping" interpolates the deck entities' values (such as initial stresses) from the initial to the resulting mesh.
- AUXILIARIES>Inverse Forming
If the Workpiece Initial Thickness is left blank, it is automatically calculated based on the Property, or available nodal thickness.
Known issues resolved in ANSA
Moving entities from "Out of Include" section to an Include could lead to unexpected termination.
- Model Browser
After part replace, the content of Sets would erroneously change from facets to elements.
- Shell Mesh
Fill>Holes: Unexpected termination could occur when filling holes on second order elements when reshape option was enabled
- Decks
Unexpected termination would occur in case of databases with composite properties when switching between decks.
Enhancements in META
- Decks
Support of Abaqus 2018. Support of FEMFAT fatigue results from *.h3d files.
- Curves
Support of Altair Binary Format *.th files.
- Toolbars
Occupant Injury Criteria: The Adult and Child Protection Scores, according to the selected Regulation, have been added in the PPTX report. The calculation of the score is supported for front and side Impact, front and rear passengers.
Known issues resolved in META
- Handling Entities
ANSA User Attributes were not supported correctly in META.
- Curves
Elout history variables were not read correctly from binout files.
- Axis
Axis values were not correct in some cases since v18.1.0.



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