Altair announced a new release of HyperWorks SimLab 2019, a software tool created specifically as a pre-processor for detailed computer models of complex powertrains, has been released as part of HyperWorks 2017.

SimLab is a process oriented, feature based finite element modeling software that allows you to quickly and accurately simulate engineering behavior of complex assemblies. SimLab automates simulation-modeling tasks to reduce human errors and time spent manually creating finite element models and interpreting results. SimLab is not a traditional off-the-shelf pre- and post-processing software but a vertical application development platform for capturing and automating simulation processes.


1. Install Altair SimLab 2019 Win64. Do not configure licensing!

2. Optionaly after end of setup to get additional capabilities you can copy folder
   "bin" from archive "" to <SimLab2019 program folder>
   (by default C:Program FilesAltair2019SimLab2019) with overwrite original one

3. Replace original <SimLab2019 program folder>
   (by default C:Program FilesAltair2019SimLab2019)
   and <security program folder>
   (by default C:Program FilesAltair2019security) with cracked ones

4. Enjoy


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