New features of Flux 2019 w features of Flux 2019New features dealing with EnvironmentNew features DescriptionBranding FluxTM become Altair FluxTM
.User Mode A user mode has been implemented. Thus the user has between 3 modes:• Standard: the standard mode.• Beta: gives early access to a set of features which wsupported in a future release.• Advanced: This mode gives access to a set of expeand also to beta features (this mode includes the beRenaming of the command"Run a python file"Labels and python command have been changed for runnfile:• Label◦ Run a python file: Run a python file with full G◦ Run a python file in silent mode : Run a pythreduced GUI refresh (faster)• Python commandTable 1:Before Flux 2019 Starting froWith GUIrefreshexecuteSpy('') runPy('file.pyWithoutGUIrefreshexecuteBatchSpy('')runPyInSilenNote: The "legacy" python commands are alwaycompatible with Flux 2019 and future versio


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