ChassisSim 3.32


ChassisSim 3.32

ChassisSim is multi body vehicle dynamics software that allows race teams and vehicle dynamics engineer to simulate all aspects of vehicle behaviour well before the car turns a wheel. Lap times can be predicted and the data can be exported and reviewed. Shaker rig and driver in the loop simulations can be performed and vehicle parameters can be reverse engineered from logged data.

Speed starts with why

Knowing your car inside out is the key to being consistently quick. ChassisSim’s MBD vehicle dynamics engine can use race data and transient simulation to answer those critical questions. With the ability to export data to an analysis package of your choice you can overlay with actual data to figure out what to do with the car.

Expertise that is race proven

With over 20 years of experience ChassisSim is your one stop shop for your simulation and performance prediction needs. Our customers have won and placed on the podium in events as in as diverse as the 24 hour of LeMans and Daytona, the 12 hours of Sebring and Bathurst and World Time Attack challenge to name a few.


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