ansys FloWizard 3.1.8


ANSYS® FloWizard™ ANSYS® FloWizard™ is a rapid flow modeling tool for Autodesk® Inventor™. This computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software is specifically built for design and process engineers who need to understand the detailed fluid dynamics of their designs. A user does not need to have extensive experience with complex computational models or meshes to succeed with FloWizard. Due to the decred learning curve, engineers can deploy flow simulation much earlier in the design cycle, realizing money-saving and design-enhancing benefits. In addition, FloWizard software can be implemented throughout an organization to address a wide variety of fluid dynamics design situations. Download a FloWizard® Overview Brochure Unlike other flow modeling tools, FloWizard™ automates tasks that usually require a lot of manual intervention, such as meshing, solution steering and reporting. Once the physics are specified, FloWizard™ performs the simulation without the need to monitor the calculation. Comprehensive reports are generated once the simulation has been completed. FloWizard rapid flow modeling technology dramatically cuts the engineering time required to perform a CFD analysis as well, allowing engineers to do more and better analyses faster than before. FloWizard™ Capabilities FloWizard Compressible and incompressible flow. Three-dimensional, steady-state flows. Laminar and turbulent flows with the most advanced turbulence modeling capabilities in the industry. Convection and conduction heat transfer. Internal and external flow. Internal and external radiation. Participating and transparent media Rotating machinery Automatic solution process FloWizard™ Boundary Conditions FloWizard Pressures, velocities, mass flow rates and volumetric flow rates at inlets and outlets. Symmetry planes. Walls, with or without internal conduction, translating and rotating. Heat exchangers. Heat sources. Fans and vents.


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