Ansys Products 17.0 for linux


Ansys Products 17.0 for linux ANSYS offers a comprehensive software suite that spans the entire range of physics, providing access to virtually any field of engineering simulation that a design process requires. Organizations around the world trust ANSYS to deliver the best value for their engineering simulation software investment. Simulation-Driven Product Development takes engineering simulation to another level ― the unequalled depth and breadth of our software coupled with its unmatched engineered scalability, comprehensive multiphysics foundation and adaptive architecture set our technology apart from other CAE tools. These ANSYS Advantages add value to the engineering design process by delivering efficiency, driving innovation and reducing physical constraints, enabling simulated tests that might not be possible otherwise. ANSYS product family Professional Highly efficient combined package, designed for linear static problems of strength, modal analysis, stationary and non-stationary problems of thermal physics, including conduction, convection and radiation exchange. ANSYS Professional is aimed at mid-level engineers. Structural Full Strength package (except for the functions of calculation of fluid dynamics, heat, electromagnetism), includes features structural analysis, calculations of strength of linear, non-linear (deformation, elasticity, flexibility, fluidity, the calculation of the elements in tension, compression and others.). Contact problems. Frequency domain analysis of dynamic (harmonic, spectral, vibration). Dynamic analysis of transient processes; stability of structures; fracture mechanics linear and nonlinear problems for products made of composite materials and reinforced, including temperature effects. Joint analysis, acoustics. Mechanical This package structural analysis and heat (except for the functions of calculating fluid dynamics and electromagnetics) is the most versatile module that allows to perform most of the tasks of linear and nonlinear finite element analysis. It includes all the features listed in Structural, in conjunction with the functions of the calculation of heat (steady and unsteady regimes, thermal conductivity, radiation, convection). Multiphysics The most complete package, which includes all possible physical discipline (strength and heat) and electromagnetic analysis (magnetostatics, electrostatics, low-frequency harmonic analysis, high-analysis) and fluid (stationary and unsteady, compressible and incompressible, laminar and turbulent flows natural and forced convection, conjugate heat transfer, viscous flow and multi-component, filtering). Emag Special module for calculating electrostatics and magnetostatics, low and high frequency analysis, time-dependent problems. LS-DYNA Program vysokonelineynyh settlements LS-DYNA, integrated into the environment ANSYS, brings together in a single shell program of traditional methods of solving a matrix inversion, specialized contact algorithms, set of equations of state and the integration method that allows you to numerically simulate the processes of molding materials, the analysis of emergency clashes and attacks in the final deformations in the nonlinear behavior of the material and the contact interaction of a large number of bodies. Using LS-DYNA can be solved the problem of the dynamic behavior of prestressed structures and objectives of the study of discharge structures subjected to large deformations. ICEM CFD A comprehensive system of generating all types of computational grids has a direct interface with CAD systems (Pro / E, Catia, Unigraphics, I-DEAS, SDRC, ICEM Surf). Export grid more than 100 packets and hydro-structural analysis. Analysis and correction of geometry, pre and post-processing, adaptive optimization of the grid - it is only the main key points to speed up the generation of high-quality mesh on the basis of any geometry. CFX The software package, which combines a unique analysis capabilities hydro-processes, multiphase flows, chemical kinetics, combustion, radiation heat transfer and many others. CFX provides a new level of solving computational fluid dynamics through a unique combination of technologies, ranging from the direct interfaces to most CAD systems to the possibility of spending coupled liquid-structural analysis together with the ANSYS Multiphysics. A wide range of turbulence models, combined with the linear solver technology "Algebraic Coupled Multigrid" allows you to achieve high accuracy of the results at the decision of various classes of problems. Workbench A new generation of software products based modern object-oriented approach to engineering analysis, using the capabilities of solvers ANSYS. This environment engineering analysis provides unique opportunities for integration with CAD systems (including bi-directional associativity). You can combine the design process in the CAD package to produce reliable data calculations and conduct design optimization. PrepPost Private pre- and post-processor with a complete set of features to create, import and export of geometric models by construction, import and export of finite element meshes, on the objectives and results of processing (visualization, listing the results of operations, and others.). Is fully functional working environment and it has all the features except for the actual solution.You can use multiple jobs ANSYS PrepPost in combination with any settlement products. Geometric modeler Designed to create geometric patterns using graphics primitives, transactions with them and their parametric descriptions. Building a solid model to ANSYS possible by a combination of the two options: using boolean operations of primitives or a set of ready-made using a serial hierarchical structure, starting with the reference point, then - lines, splines, and further - to a solid. The presence of these design options provides the flexibility to quickly create complex models. Supports two-way exchange of data by importing models from most CAD-systems, including UG, Pro / E, as well as reading neutral geometry formats IGES, SAT, STEP, and others.


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