ANSYS Structures _Fluids Products 2019 R1


ANSYS Structures _Fluids Products 2019 R1

1. Install ANSYS Products 2019R1 Win64
   When asked for license server name input: localhost

2. Install License Manager. 
   Do not launch License Manager Center after end of setup!

3. Copy folder "Shared files" from crack to < ANSYS program folder>
   (at setup by default C:Program FilesANSYS Inc ) and overwrite original one


5. Run Start > Programs > ANSYS, Inc. License Manager > Server ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility

6. Click "Specify the License Server Machine" >
   "Add Server Machine Specification" >
   be sure that ANSYS FLEXlm port number is 1055 >
   for Hostname 1 input name (or IP-address) of computer >
   OK >

7. Click "Launch the ANSYS License Management Center"

8. Click "Advanced Options- Specify License Manager Run Mode".
   Be sure that "Run the ANSYS Licensing Interconnected with FlexNet (default) is ticked

9. Click "Add A License File" >
   Browse to "license.txt" from the crack and click Open >
   Wait for message "The license manager has been successfuly started"

10. Click "View Status/Start/Stop License Manager".
    Be sure that status of manager "The license manager is running".
    If not click START and wait until manager will start

11. Close ANSYS License Management Center and Server ANSLIC_ADMIM Utility

12. Enjoy!


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