The ANSYS Workbench platform is the framework upon which the industry’s broadest and deepest suite of advanced engineering simulation technology is built. An innovative project schematic view ties together the entire simulation process, guiding the user through even complex multiphysics analyses with drag-and-drop simplicity. With bidirectional CAD connectivity, powerful highly-automated meshing, a project-level update mechanism, pervasive parameter management and integrated optimization tools, the ANSYS Workbench platform delivers unprecedented productivity, enabling Simulation-Driven Product Development. ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler is the easiest and fastest solution to prepare geometry for simulation. SpaceClaim’s direct modeling solution speeds up time to analysis by removing the geometry bottleneck, and it shortens the time needed for analysis by allowing engineers to simplify models during pre-processing. SpaceClaim also provides a CAD neutral environment, freeing engineers to focus on the physics and modeling. By putting simulation engineers in control of geometry, CAE can drive product development by optimizing models before CAD and validating results post-CAD. arrow ANSYS SCDM speeds up time to analysis and helps CAE drive product development With ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler, users can: Open data from any CAD system Edit designs and prepare them for simulation no matter where the model was created Simplify geometry by removing features, like rounds and holes, that lead to low quality mesh generations Clean up and repair dirty geometry to create watertight solids Create parameters on imported geometry to enable optimization of designs through analysis Extract mid-surfaces/shells and beams from solid models to enable efficient meshing and solving Extract volumes and create inner fluid domains and outer air enclosures for CFD analysis Supply 3-D markups and compare models to document changes to design teams Be up and running in a matter of days instead of months like big CAD With SpaceClaim Direct Modeler’s STL Prep for 3-D Printing Module, users can also repair, and edit files for further FEA topological optimization and CFD analysis. ANSYS DesignModeler All engineering simulation starts with geometry to represent the design. This could be a solid component for a structural analysis or the air volume for a fluid or electromagnetic study. This geometry has been produced in a computer-aided design (CAD) system or built from scratch. ANSYS DesignModeler software is the gateway to geometry handling for analysis with software from ANSYS. ANSYS DesignModeler has connections to all major CAD systems, allowing seamless transfer of existing data including parameters. The parameters can then be adjusted and the design updated, and any feature removal or simplification is maintained. This results in rapid turnaround of any design changes and updates. CAD models are often designed for manufacturing use and not for simulation. Using CAD models results in a complex geometry that includes details not needed for simulation such as logos and other small features. Simulating such a fully detailed model will increase solver run times. It can be more efficient to spend a short time removing these details to reduce the total run time by hours or days. ANSYS DesignModeler technology also provides powerful tools for construction of geometry from the ground up. A complex model can be produced using familiar solid modeling operations. Built on the Parasolid® kernel, the geometry engine is robust and conforms to industry standards. Two-dimensional sketches can be extruded into 3-D solids and then modified with Boolean operations. A construction history is recorded during the creation of the geometry, allowing the user to make changes and then update the design. Whether importing an existing CAD model or building one, the ANSYS DesignModeler product is fully parametric. Combine this with parametric meshing and parametric solver setup within the ANSYS Workbench platform and the same geometry can be used for multiple design variations.


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