ANSYS Customization Tools (ACT) 17.0


ANSYS Customization Tools (ACT) 17.0 System Requirements: Pre ANSYS 17.0 Description: Automation of calculations using ANSYS Application Customization Toolkit (ACT) 1. Give it easy to include in the calculations of developments and know-how of engineers; 2. Perform calculations on industry standards and specific enterprises; 3. Create easy-to-use tools and to enable inexperienced users to calculate complex models on a par with the experts. Increasing the efficiency of payments in the company - one of the main purposes of automation and customization. Application Customization Toolkit - it licensed the possibility of automation and customization of strength calculations on the basis of ANSYS Mechanical in the ANSYS Workbench environment. Application Customization Toolkit is part of ANSYS Customization Suite, which also includes a set of tools for writing applications for the Workbench Software Development Kit. To automate the calculations in ANSYS Mechanical has several tools. Language APDL (ANSYS Parametric Design Language) is the basis of the work program and allows you to automate the settlement process itself and access to information about the structure and characteristics of the finite element model. Tool Application Customization Toolkit (ACT) is designed primarily for settings and add-specific options and user interface elements in the ANSYS Mechanical in the ANSYS Workbench environment. That allows ACT 1. Integrate APDL macro in ANSYS Mechanical You can create additional buttons and menu items, integrating prescribed APDL script in the project and provide the ability to use complex commands even by engineers who do not have the appropriate skills. The created menu items and buttons and looks like any other standard element of the graphical interface in ANSYS Mechanical and therefore does not cause discomfort during use. Integrable APDL scripts at the same time protected from unwanted corrections for 100% guarantee of performance. 2. Extend the functionality MAPDL: It lets you reconcile Mechanical Workbench functionality with MAPDL, realizing the possibility of unprogrammed 3. Implement new features preprocessing (user load and boundary conditions) You can easily create new toolbar buttons and menu item. Added load and boundary conditions will appear in the project tree with all the settings and definitions for the standard elements Mechanical, including an indication of the geometry and parameterization capability. Teams included in the item will be shipped after the formation of solver input file by clicking the Solve button. 4. Implement a new postprocessing function (user results) If you want to display results according to industry-standard or enterprise standard, it is possible using the ACT. The new result may be calculated on the basis of standard components for complex mathematical relationships, or on the basis of the external processor results. 5. Integrate own solvers and handlers (in Mechanical interface) With the help of ACT can be integrated in the ANSYS Mechanical own computer codes. This will remain available capabilities of the standard graphical interface the Mechanical, as well as additional opportunity ANSYS, such as two-way associative link with CAD-systems, the possibility of building computational grids and processing results. In addition to these features, ACT gives you access to: • Graphics in the ANSYS Mechanical to display required for data analysis (eg, additional lines, surfaces, text, etc.) • the application itself ANSYS Mechanical for automating and performing a certain action sequences • Appendix ANSYS Workbench • To access the model materials in Engineering Data • To extract the necessary information from the calculation and automation


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