ANSYS Customization Tools (ACT) 16.0-16.1 Suite


ANSYS Customization Tools (ACT) 16.0-16.1 Suite | 943MB ANSYS ACT is available as part of the ANSYS Customization Suite product, which also includes the Workbench Software Development Kit. ANSYS offers several tools for customizing structural mechanics analyses. The APDL language is the foundation of scripting at the solver level, allowing a user to automate solver procedures and get access to the details of the finite element model. ANSYS ACT is the tool for customizing the Mechanical interface within ANSYS Workbench. Capabilities and Benefits of Using ACT Encapsulate a customer's APDL script within Mechanical Create custom entities within Mechanical to incorporate a company’s best practices through menus and buttons — a much more user-friendly approach to exposing complex capabilities Embed third-party applications within Mechanical, ranging from external executables that compute data for pre- or post-processing up to solvers Create tools to manipulate simulation data, such as mesh In addition to these features, ACT provides access to: • Graphics in the ANSYS Mechanical to display required for data analysis (eg, additional lines, surfaces, text, etc.) • the application itself ANSYS Mechanical to automate and perform a certain action sequences • Applications ANSYS Workbench • To access the material models in Engineering Data • To extract the necessary information from the calculation and automation


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