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ANSYS nCode DesignLife The majority of structural failures occur from fatigue. For estimating the onset of failure from repetitive loading, you no longer need laborious hand calculations or spreadsheets. Modern fatigue analysis tools ― like ANSYS nCode DesignLife ― predict the fatigue life of both components and complete products rapidly and accurately. Predicting Fatigue Life Fatigue finite element analysis (FEA) starts with a structural simulation to calculate the stresses and strains in each part of a model due to a single load. You then combine these results with material models and a description of the repetitive loading that the product is expected to undergo during its use. ANSYS nCode DesignLife automates this comprehensive fatigue analysis process and accurately captures all data, data flow and parameters in ANSYS Workbench, which offers an integrated environment for ease of use and high user productivity. Failed bicycle crank Muffler fatigue damage predicted by ANSYS nCode DesignLife Designing in Durability from the Start Making informed decisions to improve durability is increasingly important at the product design stage. ANSYS nCode DesignLife enables repeatable and reliable predictions of fatigue life. You can quickly evaluate the use of different materials and alternate geometries for new product designs and then optimize them for the product’s lifetime ― long before the first prototype is built. Fatigue simulation is the most powerful and cost-effective way to optimize product design to avoid failure. The time-tested fatigue technology within ANSYS nCode DesignLife incorporates these capabilities: Extensive fatigue material library Methods to estimate fatigue life Stress life method (SN) Strain life method (EN) Fatigue crack growth Spot weld Seam weld Thermomechanical fatigue Composites Dang Van endurance limit for complex loading


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