ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 16.2 Win64


Electronics Simulation Software Electronics and electromagnetic engineering simulation softwareEngineers rely on ANSYS electronics simulation software to design robust and power-efficient integrated circuits (ICs), printed-circuit boards (PCBs), communication infrastructures, and electromechanical systems. ANSYS integrated circuit analysis software enables you to perform chip-level power optimization and sign-off, which is especially critical for developing products that must meet stringent power budgets. With our signal integrity analysis products, you can design high-speed serial channels, parallel buses and complete power delivery systems found in modern high-speed electronic devices. ANSYS electronics cooling products give you the ability to perform closed-loop simulations, enabling design optimization for best thermal performance. You can leverage ANSYS RF and microwave design software to model, simulate and validate high-frequency components and antennas found in communication systems, mobile devices, computers, radio and radar. Our electronics simulation software is ideal for the design of electromechanical as well as power electronics components and systems common to the automotive, aerospace, high-tech and industrial automation industries. Designing sophisticated electronic devices means creating numerically large models with detailed geometry and complex physics. ANSYS delivers high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities that enable rapid processing of the toughest simulations. RF & Microwave The rapid pace of innovation in high-performance electronics markets is driving the need for high-fidelity RF and microwave simulation. ANSYS RF and microwave simulation software provides capabilities for: ANSYS solvers are based on finite element, integral equation and advanced hybrid methods to solve a wide range of microwave, RF and antenna applicationsView larger imageFinite element-, integral equation- and advanced hybrid-based solvers for microwave, RF and antenna applications Modeling, analysis, simulation and design optimization of antennas, radar cross section (RCS), filters, diplexers, power amplifiers, RF and microwave components Harmonic balance, circuit envelope, transient and Agilent's X-Parameter simulation with direct integration with 3-D EM simulators (including FEM, method of moments, integral equation, and transient solvers) Thermal and stress analysis based on electrical performance by linking to other products in the ANSYS multiphysics suite ANSYS software streamlines the transfer of design databases from popular third-party EDA layout tools from Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys, Zuken, Altium and others. Engineers design, optimize and integrate antennas with ANSYS HFSS. HFSS automatically computes standard antenna metrics such as gain, return loss, input impedance, radiation efficiency and full 3-D near and far field patterns. Dynamic electromagnetic-circuit cosimulation with ANSYS Designer provides rigorous end-to-end analysis for an antenna system including, for example, effects of transceiver network integration on beam patterns and steering for antenna arrays. For planar antenna designs such as patch or meander line PCB antennas, HFSS provides a 2.5-D method of moments solution in an easy-to-use 2-D drawing interface for fast analysis of layered 2-D designs.


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