Techsoft ASTRA Pro R22v1


Techsoft ASTRA Pro R22v1 ASTRA Pro ASTRA Pro is the versatile software system of Bridge and Structural Engineering applications having detail analysis with Dead Load, Super imposed dead loads, IRC /BD 37/01 (HA & HB) Moving Live Loads, Detail structural design in Working Stress method following IRC & British Standards and in Limit State method following IRC 112 & BS Eurocode2 Standards. The design features for RCC ‘T’ Girder Bridges Composite Bridge with Steel Plate/Box Girders with various stiffeners & RCC Deck Slab, Pre Stressed Post Tensioned ‘I’ Girder Bridges, PSC Box Girder Bridges, Steel Plate Girder Railway Bridge, Steel Truss Road/Rail Bridges, Arch Suspension Bridges, Cable Stayed Long Span Bridges, RCC Abutment as Cantilever and Counter fort, Pier, Stream Hydrology with Synthetic Unit Hydrograph and Hydraulic analysis for Scour depth, Foundation depth, Well Foundation, Pile Foundation, RCC Box Culvert for Single/Multi Cell with details of FEM and Moment distribution, RCC Slab Culvert, Single / Multi Cell Pipe Culvert, Vehicular Underpass, Pedestrian underpass, Rail Over Bridges, Reinforced Earth Walls. The output of the design comes as detail step wise calculation report and complete set of sample Structural Detail drawing in CAD format. ASTRA Pro features for Analysis and Design of RCC Framed Building with Analysis & Design Reports, Bill of Quantities and complete set of construction drawings. ASTRA Pro gives the complete Analysis and Design details in step wise format and complete set of sample drawings in editable CAD format. ASTRA Pro has its own CAD system to view, edit print and save drawings compatible various CAD softwares. In the Demo version the default input data can not be changed and drawings are for viewing only. The Reports and drawings are complete as a set for each design modules. ASTRA Pro Setup and Manuals are available for download from our web site, We suggest you to download 32 Bit PC/Laptop Version for Windows 7 or download 64 Bit PC/Laptop version for Windows 8 (this is large in size and requires strong internet connection). Before purchase You may copy the Manuals to your PC/Laptop and process the data following the steps in the Manuals.


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