SOFiSTiK 2020


SOFiSTiK 2020

New User Interface

  • New designed Graphical User Interface with Ribbon Bars for SSD and Teddy workflow
  • Simplified, document-orientated user guidance within the Result Viewer
  • Better support of Windows display scaling (e.g. for 4K displays)
  • Better organisation of control elements

IFC Export

For collaborative work on BIM models the version 2020 allows, without need for an additional license, the export of the following IFC model views and versions:

  • Analytical model (IFC Structural Analysis View)
  • Volumetric geometry and material information as widely used IFC2x3 Coordination View or as the new IFC4 Reference View
  • Export of the deformed shape under any load case
  • Export of selected groups

Consistent Support of Design Elements

  • New Tasks for flexural buckling and lateral torsional buckling checks on design elements
  • Member plots in the report give an easy overview of the boundary conditions
  • Design elements are fully integrated in all postprocessing tools, making different graphics and tables available for a detailed result documentation

Improved Graphical CABD Modeling with SOFiPLUS

  • Tendon geometry and matching tendons can be copied to other axes for faster modeling of multi-web cross sections with prestressing
  • Simplified creation of recurring objects along an axis (e.g. cross members, transverse tendons) using distance or amount
  • Tendons and beam cross sections on secondary axis follow placement rotations 

BIM Workflow Seismic Design

  • Design of stiffening elements from Autodesk Revit
  • Wall results can be displayed as resulting beam forces
  • Storey levels of the Revit model are recognized during analysis and generate results (e.g. center of mass or rigidity)
  • SSD task for earthquake with clearer design and new option Newmark for the superposition of the main directions
  • New tasks for design under seismic loads


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