Midas GTS NX 2019 v1.2


Midas GTS NX 2019 v1.2

midas GTS NX is a software package designed for complex geotechnical calculations. GTS NX has a user-friendly modern interface, as well as a powerful and fast Solver with support for 64-bit systems and a GPU. With GTS NX you can quickly and efficiently perform the most complex calculations.

GTS NX allows you to generate a hybrid finite element mesh that uses the optimal combination of hexahedral and tetrahedral elements. The main advantage of using hexahedral elements is that they provide more accurate results of the stress-strain state than tetrahedral elements. And the advantage of using tetrahedral elements is that they are more effective for modeling sharp bends and angles of complex geometry. GTS NX is able to use both types of elements - tetrahedral and hexahedral without any significant loss of simulation or calculation speed.


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