CivilDesign 11 SP6 for ACAD 2018

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CivilDesign 11 SP6 English for Autocad 2018
DIGICORP CIVIL Design, a complete and integrated environment for the planning and computing of civil works: it's an AutoCAD integrated software which completes the most widespread CAD environment with specific commands, essential for technicians operating in this sector.

Since the great extent of the typology of interventions that can be worked out with DIGICORP CIVIL Design and the completeness of the available commands, the product is proposed according to solutions which enable the user to solve currently problems and to integrate new functions for further requirements.

Road and Railway design
Topography and Cadastre
Hydraulics (Acqueducts, Sewers, Watershed analisys)
Quarries and Dumpies
Cartography and Raster images

Road and Railway Design

DIGICORP Ingegneria offers complete solutions to design, to check road standards and to compute for each kind of roads, railways, roundabouts, multi-level junctions, channels and so on...

multi-axes solution Roads and Railways
mono-axes solution QUICK Road
complete solution Civil Works

Topography and Cadastre

The solution is a complete surveys solver with a friendly interface and an easy graphic management.
It's for tecnicals which are involved in the design and construction process.

Topography solution
Cadastre solution

Hydraulic works

DIGICORP Ingegneria offers a complete software solution for hydraulics works:

Acqueducts solution
Sewers solution
Watershed solution

Quarries and dumpies

This is a complete set of commands developed to help users to design and manage quarries, dumpies, dams, hydraulic works and whatever needs a 3D model. It allows to manage any point groups number, to create 3D model, to calculate cross sections and profiles a to compute areas and volumes. A mono-axes and a multi-axes solution are available:


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