Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise/Studio 2011 v2.2


Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise - a versatile platform for fast, easy and effective dissemination of cartographic information. This helps improve performance, as well as the interaction between project teams, individual professionals and customers. Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise is based on MapGuide Open Source and Autodesk MapGuide Studio uses as a tool developer. The product is simple to deploy and has a flexible application development. Year: 2010 Version: 2011 Developer: Autodesk Inc Platform: Microsoft Windows XP & Vista & Windows 7 Compatible with Windows 7: full Language: English only System requirements: * Linux ®: Red Hat ® Enterprise Linux ES Version 5 * Microsoft ® Windows Server ® 2003 R2 (SP2), Windows Server 2008 * Apache HTTP Server 2.0 * Microsoft IIS 6.0 for Windows Server 2003. * Microsoft IIS for Windows Server 2008 * PHP 5.2.5 (Windows or Linux) *. NET Framework 2.0 (if necessary, only in Windows) * Java ® JDK ™ 6.0 and Apache Tomcat ™ Servlet engine version 6.x (when necessary; Windows or Linux) * FDO, version 3.4 Features: * Access to map and design data via Internet; * Intuitive, interactive maps; * Easy installation and deployment; * Ease of formation of maps and cartographic creation Web-based applications; * Integration and interoperability with corporate databases; * Powerful and flexible API-interface; * Optimization of financial expenses due to the support platform MapGuide Open Source.


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