AutoTURN 10.1 for autodesk 2018


AutoTURN 10.1 AutoTURN® Pro is the state-of-the-art tool for performing swept path analysis. With the Swept Path 2.0 technology built-in, it takes the analysis to a whole new level from Path Automation to 3D Clearance Analysis. Incorporating the trusted AutoTURN engine together with the patented technologies for automating paths with IntelliPathTM and generating three-dimensional vehicle clearance envelopes – professional engineers, architects, and drafters can analyze their designs whether it is assessing the vehicle circulation or checking ground clearances. Designing in a 3D Environment: For Now and for the Future Developed to take on the challenges transportation projects face with cost and performance issues, AutoTURN®Pro gives engineers the ability to: Respond to design changes faster Optimize designs with enahnced analysis and visualization Spend less time trying out different scenarios for safer designs By incorporating terrain elevation, overhead obstacle, and vehicle clearance data together in the project drawing – issues not anticipated in designing in a 2D plane are now detected and can be resolved using a 3D space.


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