AVL Workspace Suite 2013
esign Explorer is an integrated tool of the AVL Wo rkspace, which provides an easy to use workflow to define, run and evaluate DoE and optimization tasks with simulation programs of the AVL Workspace...
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2013-03-28 Size: 2DVD
GT-Suite 7.3 Build 3
Version 7.3 was released September, 2012 and represents one year of development effort. It contains both many new features and many improvements to previously released features. GT-SUITE is a product ..
Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2013-03-28 Size: 1DVD
GT-Suite 7.2 Gamma Technologies
GT-SUITE is a product of Gamma Technologies (GTI), a specialist software company which is solely focused on the Engine and Vehicle Industry. GT-SUITE handles, in a single software tool, a wide variety..
Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2013-03-06 Size: 1.58 GB
Schneider Electric Unity Pro XL v7.0
Schneider-Electric Unity Pro XL - a software environment for developing and programming PLC Schneider-Electric. The unique multi-tasking operating system and software for the development of the same n..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2012-11-13 Size: 1.78 GB
Arena 14 (c) Rockwell Automation
Arena simulation software to help demonstrate, predict, and measure system strategies for effective, efficient and optimized performance. ..
Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2012-11-09 Size: 720 MB
Novapoint V19 for AUTOCAD V2013
ovapoint is a IT-solution for infrastructure within Civil Engineering. Novapoint is a module based planning concept with 27 Novapoint products based in 18 countries. With Novapoint you can co..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2012-11-08 Size:
Accelrys Materials Studio v6.0
Materials Studio 6.0 is the latest release of Accelrys’ complete modeling and simulation environment that empowers researchers in materials science and chemistry to predict and understand the relatio..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2012-10-25 Size: 630 MB
ShipConstructor 2012 R2
What's New - ShipConstructor 2012 R2 Technical Requirements SC-2012-Logo-273px Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 (64-bit and 32-bit), Vista (64-bit and 32-bit), XP (32-bit SP2 or later), Windo..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2012-09-06 Size: 1DVD
AutoTURN Pro v8.1.1.200 download, AutoTURN tutorial
AutoTURN Pro 3D is state-of-the-art CAD software that simulates 3D vehicle turning maneuvers on surface and mesh object terrains. Incorporating the trusted AutoTURN engine together with the patent pen..
Language : Multi Language Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2012-09-06 Size: 1CD
Dynaform v5.8.1 for win32
DYNAFORM™ allows organizations to bypass soft tooling, reducing overall tryout time, lowering costs, increasing productivity & providing complete confidence in die system design. It also allows for ..
Language : Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2012-09-06 Size: 322 MB
AVL Workspace Suite 2011
OPTIMUS for AVL Workspace 2011 automates the creation of a workflow that contains any AVL Workspace tools, BOOST, EXCITE, etc. Rather than defining manually substitution and extraction rules of design..
Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2012-05-14 Size: 2DVD
Transoft Solutions SIGMA v1.0.0.125
Visualize your signing plans like never before. Use SIGMA to create and place sign assemblies into roadway drawings with CAD signs from federal and regional libraries or user generated content. Make e..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2012-02-27 Size: 314 MB
AVL Fire 2011
AVL FIRE® is a powerful multi-purpose thermo-fluid dynamics software with a particular focus on handling fluid flow applications related to internal combustion engines and powertrains. AVL Solution ..
Language : Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2012-02-19 Size: 1DVD
ENEFITS in GeniE 5.3 The main focus of this release has been to ease beam deflection reporting and modelling of complex surfaces. Another important change is the ability to import old frame models and..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2012-02-19 Size: 1CD
ShipConstructor 2012 R1.1
ShipConstructor is an AutoCAD based shipbuilding CAD/CAM software suite that provides detail design and modeling tools for production engineering of marine structures. ShipConstructor captures all in..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2011-11-21 Size: 1CD
AVEVA PDMS v12.0 SP6.5
AVEVA Schematic Model can store P&IDs from any intelligent P&ID application, combining freedom of choice of P&ID design software with access to the powerful functions of the PDMS environment. * P..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2011-10-07 Size: 1CD
PTC CADDS v5i R15 datecode M120
CADDS 5 is an adaptable, hybrid modeling solution that let users optimize their design approach for specific cases. You can leverage parametric, explicit, and derived modeling capabilities which are t..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2011-07-02 Size: 835 MB
Microstran v8.11.110607
A set is a group of structure entities that may be referred to by name to facilitate selection. Sets are stored with the job so that once you have defined them they can be selected in subsequent runs...
Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2011-06-13 Size: 12 MB
The new CityEngine 2010.3 introduces important new features for the conceptual design stage, efficient urban environment creation and rule-based 2D-to-3D-conversion of GIS data. The key highlights in..
Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2011-05-20 Size: 523 MB
ESI PAM-Stamp 2G 2011
PAM-STAMP 2G is a complete, integrated, scalable and streamlined stamping solution. It covers the entire tooling process from quotation and die design through formability and try-out validation, inclu..
Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2011-05-11 Size: 516 MB
ShipConstructor 2011 for autocad
ShipConstructor Software (SSI) has announced the release of ShipConstructor 2011, the newest version of the company’s AutoCAD-based CAD/CAM application for the shipbuilding and offshore industries. ..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2011-03-16 Size: 1CD
Proteus Engineering Maestro v9.1.0
Proteus provides ship design software and services. Our FlagShip suite includes FastShip (hullform), MAESTRO (structural analysis), SMP (seakeeping), GHS (stability), NavCad (resistance), ShipConstruc..
Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2011-03-16 Size: 219 MB
AVL Fire v2010
The AVL FIRE Aftertreatment Module is part of the AVL Aftertreatment Suite, which consists of complementary modules available in AVL BOOST, AVL CRUISE and AVL FIRE comprising the most advanced and mos..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2011-03-06 Size: 1CD
GT-Suite 7.0 update 4
GTI offers GT-SUITE, the only true "virtual engine/powertrain" platform, for integrated simulations of engine and vehicle. With over 400 customers worldwide, Gamma Technologies is the leading engine s..
Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2011-02-24 Size: 1DVD
ETA dynaform 5.8
DYNAFORM 5.8 Released with Improved Functionality Version Offers a Simplified INC Solver December 14, 2010—Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) announces the release of DYNAFORM Version 5.8..
Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2011-01-10 Size: 2 CD
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