napa 2019_for ship design


NAPA for Hull Form Design

The upgrade of NAPA’s Hull Form Modelling tools began in early 2018, and over the last 18 months we’ve been continuously releasing new tools into the NAPA Designer Modelling workspace.

We are pleased to confirm that in test comparisons benchmarked against earlier versions of NAPA, we’ve found that modelling work in this version has become significantly faster.

In this release, there are five new features to improve your modelling:

  • Improved snap settings for interactive modelling to quickly and intuitively build the hull form’s curve grid
  • Enhanced interactive creation of 2D curves provides a more natural method to add curves
  • Enhanced management of the topology enables more efficient management of your models
  • Curve fairing tool (beta version) facilitates surface smoothing
  • Triangular meshing of hull surface and export in STL (beta version) enables geometry exchange to external CFD software from NAPA


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