NAPA 2016


NAPA 2016
Ship Operations

Safety, fuel economy and eco-efficiency are core challenges for today’s ship owners, operators and shipbuilders. Optimizing fuel efficiency and minimizing risks can make the difference in today’s marketplace. NAPA solutions for ship operations take operational safety, fuel efficiency and sustainability to a new level – offering and validating up to 30% savings.

NAPA Contract Design

The ability to build optimal designs quickly in the ship concept phase is crucial for winning and successful delivering contracts. NAPA enables the optimal contract design solution for any kind of floating vessel. As industry leader, NAPA also offers enhanced integration to customers’ processes.
NAPA is the tool for the naval architect in any marine engineering project

NAPA is the tool for the naval architect in any marine engineering project

Obtaining an optimum contract design solution before contract

Quick and easy creation of entire ship’s 3D model, including surfaces and compartments
Unequalled speed of displaying design variations for time-efficient identification of the optimal solution
Performance of relevant naval architectural analyses and assurance of the technical and regulatory feasibility of the design
Swift and facile modification of design and geometry changes
Seamless interface to basic design – equivalent NAPA modules serve the needs of basic design, design approval and delivery documentation
Applicability and flexibility for designing any type of ship or floating structure

NAPA Contract Design key features

Hull form design
Compartments and internal geometry
Speed and power prediction
Hydrostatics and stability
Loading conditions
Seakeeping and maneuvering
Stability criteria check
Longitudinal strength
Weight and cost estimation
Required freight rate studies
Freeboard and tonnage calculation
General purpose optimization tools
Drawings and reporting


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