MathWorks MATLAB R2018a Update 4


MathWorks MATLAB R2018a Update 4 New Features, Bug Fixes, Compatibility Considerations expand all Parfeval callbacks: New afterAll and afterEach methods for parallel futures Slurm support: Slurm is a fully supported scheduler Support for NVIDIA Volta: Update to CUDA 9, support for Volta class GPUs Improved file mirroring: Performance of file mirroring for generic scheduler integration ​Parfor performance improvements: More efficient broadcast variables in parfor for non-local clusters GPU Array Support: Use enhanced gpuArray functions Distributed Array Support: Use enhanced distributed array functions Parameter Sweep Example: Use a DataQueue to monitor results during computations on a parallel pool Discontinued Support for GPU Devices of Compute Capability less than 3.0 Backwards Compatibility for MATLAB Job Scheduler: Upgrade MATLAB Job Scheduler (MJS) clusters, and continue to use previous releases of Parallel Computing Toolbox Upgrade Parallel Computing Products Together Functionality Being Removed or Changed


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