INVENSYS SimSci PipePhase 9.5


SimSci-Esscor's® advanced applications have improved asset performance and utilization with integrated simulation, optimization, training, and process control software and services. Spanning the entire lifecycle of modern processing facilities, customers range from the novice user to executive expert within a variety of industries, including: Upstream Oil & Gas: Hydrocarbon Processing Industry Chemical Processing Industry Power Generation: Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) Emerging Energy: Gasification & Biofuels PIPEPHASE provides rigorous modeling of steady-state multiphase flow in oil and gas networks and pipeline systems. PIPEPHASE 9.5 provided the modeling capabilities needed to accurately manage and model oil and gas reservoirs by developing an interface with popular reservoir simulators and enhancing PIPEPHASE’s subsurface well modeling functionality. PIPEPHASE 9.5.1 is a maintenance release that contains defect fixes required to increase the accuracy of PIPEPHASE.


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