FlexSim 2018 Enterprise 18.2.2


FlexSim 2018 Enterprise 18.2.2

FlexSim simulation software uses OpenGL, the same graphics library used in today’s hottest 3D games. Realistic spatial relationships, dynamic lighting, environmental effects, and more help make your models as realistic as you like.
Immersive presentations

Build flypaths to guide your audience through the model. Add bullet points and slideswithin the model to illustrate important points along the way. Create a movie of your model to view and share.
Analyze your system

FlexSim’s powerful 3D graphics allow in-model charts and graphs to dynamically display output statistics. You can also interface with common spreadsheet and database applications to import and export data.
Statistics tracking

FlexSim simulation software automatically tracks many different data points including throughput, content, machine state, and utilization to name just a few.

Use FlexSim’s powerful Dashboards to create default reports or make your own custom reports to export to your favorite graphing and analysis programs.
Databases & spreadsheets

FlexSim simulation software can import data from, and export data to, all the most popular spreadsheet and database applications. Broaden your analysis by leveraging these powerful programs.

For industry leading distribution fitting, FlexSim includes ExpertFit.

Simulations require input data, usually collected in the real world. Distribution-fitting software takes your collected data and turns it into mathematical formulas that drive FlexSim’s simulations.

ExpertFit is taylored to perfectly fit your data distribution curves.

ExpertFit, a mature and feature-rich distribution-fitting power-house, determines the best-fitting probability distribution for your data in seconds.



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