Lumerical MODE Solutions 7.11.1416,Lumerical 2017b


Lumerical MODE Solutions 7.11.1416,Lumerical 2017b Key MODE Solutions applications include: Integrated Optics Tapers Couplers and Resonators Bragg Gratings Thermal tuning / switching Electro-optic modulators Surface plasmon waveguides Graphene waveguides Fibers Transmission Lines 3D CAD Environment Build 1D, 2D, or 3D models Define custom surfaces and volumes Import from STL, GDSII or images Import spacial refractive index data Parameterizable simulation objects MODE CAD Environment Advanced Conformal Mesh Compatible with dispersive and high-index contrast materials Submesh sensitivity to geometry High accuracy for coarse mesh Read our Conformal Mesh Whitepaper (requires registration) Conformal Mesh Modal Analysis Spatial field analysis Modal frequency analysis Overlap analysis Bend loss, confinement factor, modal area analysis Modal Analysis Bidirectional Eigenmode Expansion (EME) Propagation Ideal for large propagation lengths in waveguide or fiber devices Automatically sweep device length and periodicity Read the EME solver physics overview EME Propagation 2.5D variational FDTD (varFDTD) Propagation Rapid analysis of planar waveguide geometries Achieve close to 3D FDTD accuracy with 2D simulation speeds Read our varFDTD Whitepaper (requires registration) 2.5D varFDTD Interoperable with DEVICE Design, simulate, and optimize active components using optical, electrical, and thermal multiphysics Photovoltaic Electro-optic Opto-thermal Interoperability Interoperable with Ray-Tracing Addresses applications that require both nanoscale and macroscale optics OpticStudio by Zemax


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