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<p><font color="red"><font color="red">TRACEPRO 2019</font></font></p> <p> </p> <p class="p1"><strong>TracePro </strong>simulates and optimizes light pipes, light guides, and non-..
Language: english Update:2019-05-21Size: 1CD
TRACEOCAD Autofluid 10
TRACEOCAD Autofluid 10 AUTOFLUID is the CAD package of choice for professionals in the fields of HVAC, sanitary, medical and industrial fluids. AUTOFLUID is widely adopted througho..
Language: english Update:2017-11-10Size: 1CD
SAFER_TRACE_v10.2 One of the challenges of managing a chemical facility is the ongoing need for process safety improvements. Plants are continually required to revalidate major inc..
Language: english Update:2016-09-17Size: 1CD
TracePro 7.6.1
FEATURES Illumination system designs using TracePro are often accomplished in an iterative manner with modifications between steps handled manually or through 2D and 3D optimizatio..
Language: english Update:2015-07-20Size: 319 MB
TracePro Bridge v7.3.4
Lambda Research Corporation is a single-source solution for optical lighting and illumination design software and hardware. Lambda sells its own TracePro® 3D opto-mechanical softw..
Language: english Update:2015-07-01Size: 1CD
TracePro 7.4.3 for 64birt_32bit
TracePro 7.4.3 Release New: Added a new RepTile geometry: Polygon New: Add Scheme command: (model:get - all - objects ) This is synonymous with the ACIS command (part:entities ) Ne..
Language: english Update:2014-06-25Size: 2CD
LogiTRACE v15.1.1
LogiTRACE is a great tool for engineering, piping ventilation and general sheet metal work. It is easy to use because you see your entered data, 3D view and the unfolded part at on..
Language: english Update:2014-03-27Size:
TraceParts v2.6.2 with SP2
TraceParts is much more than just a simple Parts Library! Contents: 100+ millions of manufacturers' and standard parts coming from all the leading parts suppliers. TraceParts is a..
Language: english Update:2013-01-04Size: 1CD
TracePro v7.1.2
Solid Modeling Models are created by importing lens design or Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) files or by directly creating the solid geometry in TracePro. Users can define, positio..
Language: english Update:2012-04-01Size: 700 MB
TracePro V7.04
A seamlessly integrated suite of optical and opto-mechanical design tools includes: TracePro®, OSLO®, and a menu of add-ins enabling streamlined workflow and interoperability amo..
Language: english Update:2011-04-27Size: 364 MB
TracePro 7 now supports multi-core processors using multi-threading. This improvement is completely transparent except for a speed increase during ray tracing on multi-core systems..
Language: Multi Language Update:2010-07-27Size: 514 MB
TracePro v6.0.5
TracePro® Opto-Mechanical Design Software Model. Design. Analyze. The development of optical systems, sources and components involves adherence to various system performance crit..
Language: english Update:2010-05-31Size:
TracePro 6.0.2 Win64
TracePro 6.0.2 64bit is a general raytracing program for illumination analysis, optical analysis, radiometry analysis, and photometry analysis. It is the first optics software to b..
Language: english Update:2010-03-02Size: 212MB
TracePro 6.0.2 Win32
<p><font color="#cc0033">&#160;</font>TracePro 6.0.2 Win32 is a comprehensive, versatile software tool for modeling the propagation of light in imaging and non-imaging opto-mech..
Language: English Update:2010-03-02Size: 167MB
TracePro 6.0.2 Win64
<p>&#160;获奖的TracePro是一套可以设计几乎所有的光学或照明系统的软件,并可以很容易地作为设计及分析的3D虚拟原型系统。还有Irradiance检视功能,将Healing husk结合入TracePro,逆向光线追踪,sc..
Language: english Update:2010-03-02Size: 212MB
TracePro 5.0.7
<div class="t_msgfont" id="postmessage_22935"><b>TracePro 5.0.7</b> 多国语言含简体中文版正式版发布!<br /><br />版本新功能如下:<br /><br />1. 可直接在Surface Source中波长设定<br />..
Language: Multilanguage Update:2009-11-21Size: 190MB
TracePro Bridge 4.1.8 for SolidWorks
Managing Design Work Flow The design, tolerancing and documentation of optical systems require a high level of collaboration between optical and mechanical engineers. Design teams ..
Language: english Update:2009-05-03Size: 12MB
<strong>AdAstrA</strong>科技集团发布集成了<strong>SOFTLOGIC-SCADA/HMI-MES-EAM-HRM</strong>系统的<strong>TRACE MODE</strong>软件第6版(中文版)。新版<strong>TRACE MODE</strong>给集成..
Language: 多国语言 Update:2009-02-14Size: 359MB
NI Real Time Execution Trace Toolkit 2.0
The National Instruments LabVIEW Execution Trace Toolkit gives real-time developers an interactive tool for analyzing and verifying NI LabVIEW Real-Time code execution. With minima..
Language: english Update:2007-10-01Size: 63MB
Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector v7.0.1.006 LINUX
Analyze, optimize, and deploy high-performance applications on Intel&reg; processor-based clusters. Intel&reg; Trace Analyzer and Collector provide information critical to understa..
Language: english Update:2007-05-29Size: 160MB
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