Electra Autorouter 2.0.7
</p><p>::::::English Description::::::</p><p><font size="2">ELECTRA&trade; is a new generation of Shape-Based Autorouting software for PC boards. ELECTRA is a new generation of Shape-Based Autorouting..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2008-07-21 Size: 6MB
::::::English Description::::::</p><p><strong>ArcPad</strong> is software for mobile GIS and field mapping applications using handheld and mobile devices. ArcPad provides field-based personnel with th..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2008-07-07 Size: 69MB
EnviroINSITE 5.1
EnviroInsite is a groundwater data visualization environment developed by and for practicing hydrogeologists. It is a workspace for understanding and communication of complex, spatial and temporal pat..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2008-05-30 Size: 29MB
ESI PAM-QuikCAST 2005.0
PAM-QUIKCAST is a single integrated industry-specific software package which allows the user to perform predictive evaluations of the entire casting process from the filling to the solidification incl..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2008-05-14 Size: 232MB
::::::English Description::::::</p><p><font face="Arial">ESI Group have announced the release of VA One 2007. VA One is the next generation of ESI Group s vibro-acoustic analysis software and provides..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2008-05-06 Size: 146MB
AM-SHOCK HVI is a nonlinear Finite Element software package which is used to simulate shock transmission and subsequent transmission responses within materials. High Velocity Impact (HVI) simulati..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2008-02-25 Size: 59MB
Eplan Electric P8 1.8.6
::::::English Description::::::</p><p class="bodytext">EPLAN Electric P8 is proven to help increase quality, reduce cost and bring products to market faster whenever and wherever controls hardware des..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2008-02-24 Size: 379MB
EPLAN Fluid 1.8.4
::::::English Description::::::</p><p class="bodytext" style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">With similar functions to its cousin EPLAN Electric P8 for electrical design engineering, EPLAN Fluid is the complete..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2008-02-21 Size: 215MB
Earthworks Mine2-4D 12
</p><p>::::::English Description::::::</p><p style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 4.5pt">Mine2-4D is the <strong><em>premier </em></strong>mine planning and scheduling tool for the mining industry. This technology ..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2008-02-17 Size: 64MB
ESI Geomesh 5.0b
::::::English Description::::::</p><p align="left"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Fully integrated within the PAM-SYSTEM product family, GEOMESH is a set of modules which is used f..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2007-12-07 Size: 61MB
Esri ArcGIS Engine 9.2 Developer Kit
::::::English Description::::::</p><p><strong>ArcGIS Engine</strong> is a developer product for creating custom GIS desktop applications. ArcGIS Engine provides application programming interfaces (API..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2007-11-14 Size: 1.64G
Esri Arcgis Arcsde 9.2
:::::English Description::::::</p><p>ArcSDE technology is an integrated part of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server and a core element of any enterprise GIS solution. Its primary role is to act as the da..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2007-11-14 Size: 1.33G
Esri Arcgis Arcview 9.2
</p><p>::::::English Description::::::</p><p>ArcView is full-featured geographic information system (GIS) software for visualizing, managing, creating, and analyzing geographic data. Using ArcView, yo..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2007-11-14 Size: 853MB
<p>::::::English Description::::::</p><p><strong>ArcIMS</strong> is the solution for delivering dynamic maps and GIS data and services via the Web. It provides a highly scalable framework for GIS Web ..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2007-11-13 Size: 487MB
Esko Graphics ArtiosCAD v7.2
Esko Software Suite 6 is the world&rsquo;s most complete set of integrated packaging preproduction software tools. It features a wide range of powerful tools for structural design, graphic design, one..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2007-08-27 Size: 1.20G
Elite Software Audit 7.02.35
Energy Audit lets you do things like show the homeowner precisely how much that new, efficient condensing unit will save him in utility bills. You can present the homeowner with several choices of air..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2007-02-27 Size: 31MB
Manufacturing is the use of machines, tools and labor to make things for use or sale. Also it can be used for selling things. The term may refer to a range of human activity, from handicraft to high t..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2007-01-30 Size: 46MB
EasyNN-plus v7.0e
]EasyNN-plus builds Neural Networks for marketing, sales forecasting, work planning, investing, property valuation, game playing, health, medicine, currency trading, stock trading, travel, sports, ma..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2007-01-26 Size: 3MB
Esker SmarTerm Essential VT v12.1.1
SmarTerm terminal emulation software provides the high-level security features your business needs to protect sensitive host data, including SSL and SSH encryption, and SFTP and SCP for secure file sh..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2007-01-22 Size: 21MB
Elite Software FIRE v6.0.189
。For over a decade, the Fire program has earned a reputation among professional engineers and designers as a best buy among programs of its kind. They demand a full set of features, a user-friendly i..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2007-01-13 Size: 8.4MB
Emu8086 v4.04
emu8086 is the emulator of 8086 (Intel and AMD compatible) microprocessor with integrated 8086 assembler and tutorials for beginners. The emulator runs programs like the real microp..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2007-01-02 Size: 3.4MB
EngiLab Beam2D ML v1.2
EngiLab Beam.2D ML is an engineering tool for the linear static analysis of plane frames for Windows. It features a full GUI (Graphical User Interface) for pre-processing or post-proce..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2006-11-27 Size: 2.2MB
Eurosystems PjanntoRIP 2.1.5 Professional
Eurosystems PjanntoRIP 2.1.5 Professional ..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2006-11-25 Size: 781MB
OneSight provides a comprehensive view of your entire Web infrastructure to ensure the optimal performance of your Web-based applications and deliver the best possible Quality of Experience to your en..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2006-11-12 Size: 154MB
Using existing tools to diagnose problems in a VoIP environment is a complex and tedious job. Unlike generic protocol analyzers, Hammer Call Analyzer enables users to visualize signaling and voice qu..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2006-11-12 Size: 59MB
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