Siemens PLM NX


* Creates high-quality surfaces that are usable throughout the product development process
* Sophisticated freeform shape modeling, surface continuity and analysis, simulation and visualization tools
* Comprehensive 3D design capability: wireframe, surface, solid, and direct modeling
* Integration with other industrial design, simulation, tooling, and machining applications
* Removes the traditional disconnect between styling and product development, helping maintain design intent

Solution Benefits

* Greater design control, speed, productivity and throughput
* Better quality, less re-design, fewer errors
* Shorter overall digital product development time
* Significant time, effort, and cost savings through design re-use
* Better integration and coordination of multiple disciplines, design teams, and CAD systems resulting in faster time to market
NX speeds multi-physics workflows by integrating the broadest set of solver technologies all within a single environment. Access to multiple CAE solutions within one system and one user interface eliminates data transfer errors for faster coupled analyses. NX 7 expands its integrated multi-physics solutions to include durability and motion analysis with flexible bodies along with even more solutions for structural, thermal and flow analyses.
NX 7 launches two new products to enable rapid model correlation and update. Correlating digital models with measured test data enables engineers to gain confidence in a model’s ability to predict performance. While testing may still be required it can be significantly reduced. Even saving a single test has been shown to save weeks and months of development effort and thousands of dollars in budget.


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