Materialise Mimics 14.12

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Mimics, the fastest (and easiest) software available for getting accurate 3D surface models from imaging data, has been updated and offers many new and improved features to discover. Since medical imaging data is getting more detailed, resulting in bigger files, smarter and faster algorithms are necessary to ensure a smooth workflow from image data to Engineering on Anatomy.

Here are some of the “new and improved” features offered in Mimics 14.2:

* Multiple core support: this is available for “region growing” and “3D calculation” and in combination with smarter algorithms, this allows these functions to work faster than ever before

* A new start screen integrated with the User Community: here you will find the Tip of the Month, Upcoming Events, and easy access to the UC (where you can find our FAQ, Tips&Tricks, and discussion forum).

* A new import wizard: with better support for DICOM tags, all of the information contained therein can now be displayed. Plus, when importing BMP, JPEG, and TIFF files you can crop unnecessary parts from the image for faster loading

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* A faster Auto-save: auto-save has become smarter, so after the initial save each additional save becomes faster (up to 90% faster for the second save).

And furthermore:

* Multiple slice edit: The multiple slice editing algorithm also has been made smarter, allowing for even faster editing of many slices simultaneously.
* Change parameters without waiting: when strict parameters are used, this can cause long calculations. It is now possible to stop these calculations midway and change the parameters, saving you time.
* Import/export in XML: now you can import or export your anatomical landmark points in XML, making it easier for statistical analysis.


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