FLARESIM V3.0.2 Softbits consultants


Flaresim is the leading flare radiation software package for design and analysis of flare systems. Features include thermal radiation, temperature and noise prediction and also gas dispersion analysis.
Flaresim Features

Flaresim provides full 3D flame-shape analysis with complete flexibility in the location and orientation of multiple stacks, and rapid evaluation of flare systems under different wind speeds and directions.

Working from the opposite perspective, Flaresim allows you to size stack or boom length to meet specific radiation, noise or surface-temperature limits at defined receptor points.

The output from Flaresim is highly customisable, and you can select either summary or detailed output. The reports include graphical output where appropriate.

Flaresim has a user-friendly interface that follows standard Windows conventions with menu and toolbar options. It also incorporates context-sensitive help at every stage for user guidance.


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