ICAM CAM-POST NC Post-Processing Solution V17

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What Post-Processing Software Do You Use? ICAM CAMPOST V17.0
CAM-POST Benefit Highlights

Ease of use takes the front seat for a quick & efficient implementation…
CAM-POST includes over 200 NC controller quick-start defaults, which can be selected to simplify and speed post-processor creation. Also, as a standards feature, CAM-POST includes a unique comprehensive "point and click" Wizard that allows even the most novice users to generate advanced NC post-processors quickly and effectively.

The Wizard easily guides users through all the various steps involved when creating NC post-processors by using illustrated sets of instructions, which provide an intuitive graphical interface for effortless definition of machine kinematics, axis sign conventions, travel limitations and rotary pivot distance offsets.

Virtual Machine® for Integrated machine tool simulation during post-processing…
Implementing Virtual Machine as an integrated option to CAM-POST, delivers a powerful graphical machine tool simulation solution that enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs against collisions easily and automatically during post-processing.

The machine tool and controller data for both Virtual Machine and CAM-POST are stored and managed in the same database. This eliminates the error-prone and time consuming alternative of entering the same machine and control data twice when using a non-integrated solution .

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An instinctive, knowledge-based methodology…
CAM-POST provides a "Navigator" that organizes post development into broad categories and more specialized subcategories. A "Modification Wizard" provides access to a subset of the complete development environment, exposing only those post-processor specifications most likely to require review. CAM-POST’s extended depth enables customers to handle complex situations by providing simple responses, rather than having to design and develop logic using macros.

Increased NC Programmer productivity and manufacturing process efficiency…
The CAM-POST "Visual Debugger" traces and synchronizes the CL file input, NC code output, macro code and diagnostic messages produced during post-processing. The user can view or change any post-processor variable on the fly, in a single integrated workbench. Breakpoints can be set and cleared with the mouse pointer on CL records, macro source, when variables change or when certain blocks are output.

CAM-POST management capabilities include: full do/undo to support for multiple revisions of the post-processor to compare different post versions with "links" to directly jump to differing post specifications; full-time on-line help and a "quick test" button to immediately see the NC code effect on changes for easy experimentation.
advanced nc post-processing

ICAM develops NC post-processing products supporting all major CAD / CAM / PLM systems:

Supported Machine Tools and CNC Controllers
ICAM develops NC post-processing products supporting all major machine tools and CNC controllers including all classes of CNC equipment supporting any combination of rotary heads and/or rotary tables (Mills, Lathes, Horizontal/ Vertical Machining Centers, Merging Lathes, Multi-Tasking Mill/ Turns, Punch Presses, Wire EDMs, Water Jet Cutting Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Plasma & Flame Cutters, Hybrid and Special CNCs).

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