Altera Quartus II 9.1


What's new in Quartus II design software version 9.1?

Quartus® II software version 9.1 delivers the #1 performance and productivity for FPGA, CPLD, and HardCopy® ASIC designs. This new release supports Altera's new lowest cost, lowest power FPGA family—Cyclone® IV GX FPGAs with integrated 3.125-Gbps transceivers. The Cyclone IV GX FPGA family is targeted to high-volume, cost-sensitive applications, enabling you to meet increasing bandwidth requirements while lowering costs. Version 9.1 further extends Quartus II software's productivity advantage by delivering 20 percent overall compile time reduction over Quartus II software version 9.0, and maintains 2x to 3x faster compile times than the nearest competitor for high-density 65-nm and 40-nm designs. In addition, the new Rapid Recompile feature in version 9.1 reduces compile times by 50 percent (on average) compared to a full compile when small engineering change order (ECO)-type design changes are made. Finally, this release also supports the largest FPGA in the industry—Stratix® IV E EP4SE820 devices.
New Rapid Recompile for Faster Design Iteration

The new Rapid Recompile feature enhances Quartus II software's ability to further minimize design compilation times. Rapid Recompile maximizes productivity by enabling faster small ECO-type design changes after a full compile, reducing compilation times by 50 percent (on average) versus running another full compile on the design. Rapid Recompile also significantly improves productivity during timing closure by preserving critical timing during late design changes.


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